Our project:

Community Bot

"Wake up your server(s)!" ~Stualyttle

The community bot!

It all started with the "Questions Of The Days"!

The idea is to react as fast as possible to a question.

The first who reacts gets a special role or function!

a random question, for this day.

When someone reacts to the message it will change the channel topic.

Next an announcement will be posted to tell everyone who won.

Other people can still react, but won't win.

a person who won the question of the day.


The people can react to the question in threads, a new feature from discord.

We strive to keep our bot updated and new, following all new features and reworking old ideas.

A thread that was opened and renamed after winning.

What else?

We code bots for communities with special needs or specific functions.

We keep the bots updated and help with hosting if needed.

Ready to begin?

Contact us or use our community bot now!